The Doula Internship Program is an example of the South Coast Midwifery and Women’s Health Care philosophy of “women helping women”.  The program creates a positive, three dimensional exchange:  The doula intern gains professional birth experience, South Coast Midwifery benefits from the intern’s volunteer activities, and the South Coast Midwifery families have complimentary doulas available to serve them in labor.

SCM provides a unique opportunity to experience birth in a variety of settings.  The doula intern may provide labor support at an intimate home birth, a water birth at the birth center, a primary c-section at the hospital, and essentially all the birth scenarios in between.  With the goal of supporting families in their personal choices, SCM utilizes a very modern model of care that combines natural and medical childbirth techniques.  The knowledgeable staff at SCM will share first-hand experience to gently guide you through a wide range of support techniques to comfort the mother-to-be.

The doula intern is given many opportunities to develop perinatal knowledge in addition to providing labor support.   For example, volunteering during clinic hours, attending the monthly Birth Details Class, and attending births as an SCM birth assistant (optional) are all ways that doula interns interact with SCM clients and gain valuable experience.  In addition to completing the forms necessary for doula certification, the midwives and their assistants will also provide personalized feedback regarding your performance as a doula.

The goal of the Doula Internship Program is to develop dynamic and long-term relationships with the local doula community, which is why only the most passionately dedicated applicants will be considered for the program.  The first step to be becoming a doula intern is to review the contract and submit the application to SCM!

Intern graduates will be placed on our exclusive doula referral list, which is provided to women throughout Orange and surrounding counties.

Download the application here!